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Video games will have bitcoin rate as a reward

With the arrival of video games, the world globally set itself apart for a group of people who have dedicated themselves to living in that world, it is not exclusively a 100% young population, because that population that fell in love with games enters virtual from the 80s and there they fell in love.
Today, a merger of two passions, games and rewards, is started, to make way for an economic benefit, there is talk of the arrival of a series of video games whose reward will be given in Bitcoin at bitcoin rate, such as a way to attract two groups of people.

In this sense, an article was published a few days ago with some impressions from Sebastien Borget, who would have recently assumed the presidency of the Blockchain Game Alliance. When referring to the real possibility that the rewards of some video games are given in Bitcoin, he makes the following clarification.
He says that gambling to earn cryptocurrency exchange cryptocurrencies has been emerging since last year, and “I think it is the future of video games, offering great added value to gamers and allowing deeper participation in blockchain-based gaming.”
From that point, an attempt has been made to delve into the subject, and it was learned that a large number of players in the video game industry are laying the foundations for integrating distributed ledger technology (DLT) or blockchain into their catalog of offers for players on a global scale crypto exchange.
And although that is not new because without being a game for many, they began to observe the world of the cryptocurrency crypto exchange, this world has been developing. It was known that in the middle of a group of more than 90 companies, it was created in September 2018, the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) or Alianza de Juegos Blockchain.
These technological advances in video games will undoubtedly generate a new boom for the digital currency that threatens to become a promising future for the financial world.


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