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Mr. Asif Ali Gohar, a man with values

Asif Ali Gohar, born by the town of Kaala, Pakistan. He studied at the College of Quaid-i-Azam,” Islamabad, in Pakistan, in the Global relations livelihood.

He’s ever been interested in exercising justice to people who despise it.

Thanks for his commitment to many people and education he has obtained for all years, he has the required knowledge, and is now known as a scholar and specialized in healing justice,” being today the creator of the JustPeaceInitiatives organization.

From an early age he has received a complete instruction, and every day he boosts his knowledge from virtually any meaningful material. World peace is actually a very important matter, that is responsible for performing exercises as far as possible.

He was running for 13 years Additional Commissioner of this Welfare Mobile for Refugees in Pakistan (a UNHCR project) by which he functioned until 2001, he was competent enough to pay for 258 camps for the shelters using disease awareness applications of HIV and AIDS.

Then that exact year he obtained a scholarship into the justice centre of their Mennonite University in order to complete the command he carried out. Back in 2003 he came back to Pakistan to launch that the JustPeaceInitiatives company. This non profit foundation is targeted on seeking serenity and providing oversight through practices for conflict transformation, so using all of the data acquired in this function.

Mr. Asif Ali Gohar is presently on the face-book social network a stage referred to many, that includes granted communicating between relatives and friends to interact. Utilizing social networks now is quite popular, where in fact the bulk of the population employs it, for entertainment and work goals.

Since you can see, Mr Asif Ali Gohar can be a social individual, enthusiastic about implementing calmness and justice and multi faceted.


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