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Get Emotional Support Animal Letter For Better Mental Health

Emotional support animal letter:
Researchers and pet owners have confirmed that animals can help to cure mentally. Researchers even confirm that interacting with animals can help to reduce blood pressure and regulation of heart rate. Animals can cure anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. An emotional support animal letter is a document with the signature of a licenced mental therapist. It is to certify that the animal is necessary for the person for recovery from their condition. It is a part of their treatment. An ESA helps to cure a person with symptoms of mental health disorder.

Contents of an ESA letter:
● Letterhead and signature of a mental health professional along with the date of issuance.
● License type, date of issue of the license, license number, and the state of acceptance of the license is present in the letter.
● Confirmation that ESA therapy is necessary for the patient.
● Brief description of how the animal is helpful for the condition of the person is present.
● Prescription or recommendation of ESA treatment is in the letter.
● Name of the patient and details of the pet often exist.

Benefits of an ESA letter:

An emotional support animal letter protects the person and the pet from some regulation which will otherwise not allow to carrying animals. These regulations are:

● Airline regulations that never allow animals to travel in the commercial aircraft cabin.
● Laws and housing regulations prevent animals from staying in rented houses.
● It also benefits the person from the rules that demand payment for carrying animals in airlines and rented accommodation.

Animals can cure a person’s health both physically and most importantly, mentally. Therapists suggest emotional animal support to people suffering from anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and so on. They help to reconstruct the mental condition. Animals play a vital role in treatment.


September 2, 2020