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Factors which influence the taste of wine

People who are fond of drinking wine can distinguish even the slightest change in the taste of wine they are drinking. A true wine lover will never tolerate such a change and therefore it is important to learn about the factors which can drive this change. When you have an idea about the factors which drive these changes, you can help stop the change and can stick to the original taste of wine. This more original a wine tastes, the better it is and the more expensive you will get it! As a seller of wine, this is the most important point to do business and from the viewpoint of a buyer, this is the most important characteristic of a wine. In this article we will determine the main factors which are important for the aroma and taste change while we do the Chianti wine tasting (degustazione vino chianti) at tuscan wine tours.

Important factors:
Following are the most important factors which are important in driving the change in the taste of wine and related products:

• Same wine from a different vineyard will have a different taste because of the change of region and climate differences.
• Vintage and ageing can cause major changes in the taste of wines. Red wines are most affected
• Barrel in which wine is fermented also cause the difference. These oak barrels are a great way of adding flavors and aroma in wines
• The levels of tannin and acidity is the major changing factor. A slight change can bring the biggest difference.
• Level of alcohol is also important because it determines the strength of any wine
• Temperature at which wine is served will also change the taste

July 6, 2020